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Theatre Review by Christine Hoey

Little Shop of Horrors – Runshaw College Foxholes Restaurant and Amanda Roocroft Theatre

Meal and theatre show.

Wednesday 17 May 2017


The theatre group had a hugely enjoyable evening, courtesy of catering and hospitality and performing arts students at Runshaw College.

The evening started with a choice of beautifully presented and delicious starters, main courses and desserts in Foxholes, before we adjourned to the packed theatre for the evening’s entertainment.

Based on a Roger Corman B movie from 1960, Little Shop of Horrors tells the story of how a strange and unusual plant, discovered by lowly shop assistant Seymour Krelborn, suddenly turns a struggling flower shop on Skid Row into a huge success, but at a price. Known only to Seymour, the plant (whom he names Audrey II) feeds only on human blood, and as it gets larger, it gets hungrier.

Against this spoof sci-fi/horror backdrop, we witness a blossoming (no pun intended) but ultimately doomed romance as Seymour falls for his colleague Audrey whose sadistic dentist boyfriend is always beating her up. There is also some great ’60s girl group-style commentary from a very talented ensemble of Skid Row street urchins, particularly in one of the opening numbers, Skid Row (Downtown).

Christian Broad is a suitably weedy Seymour who grows in confidence as the plant grows in power. Charlie Millar as Audrey I very effectively captures both her sheer niceness and the poignancy of her circumstances, particularly in the song Somewhere That’s Green and Suddenly, Seymour.

Ben Foster doubles up as sadistic dentist Orin Scrivello  and the impressive voice of Audrey II.

On what must have been a very limited budget, the set and costumes were admirable. The plant too, manipulated by unseen puppeteers, was an impressive creation in all its ever growing incarnations.

Performed to very high standards by a talented cast and complemented by a top notch three course meal and coffee, this was a fabulous evening’s entertainment – and all for the princely sum of £15. We are already looking forward to our next visit!

Christine Hoey


Walk around Runshaw Moor

Even though the weather forecast showed rain for most of the day, a few members of the “SCRAMBLERS” walking  Group decided to venture forth and explore  few of the little used footpaths around Runshaw Moor.


The seven mile walk starting at the Worden Park gate following field paths and old tracks across Runshaw Moor, skirting the edges of Euxton and Eccleston before arriving at the Plough for a well earned lunch.

We are planning to do a monthly walk of between seven and ten mile. If you are interested check out the “SCRAMBLERS” page or speak to me at the next monthly meeting