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Herb Group Visit to Eccleston

We had an interesting and informative meeting at Jacqui – the herbalist’s – house on June 6th. In spite of the wet weather, we managed a stroll around the garden, where Jacqui pointed out various herbs and discussed their properties. We then were invited into Jacqui’s treatment room where we learned about tinctures and smelled various herbal mixtures. This was followed by coffee and some courgette cake, made by Lindsey.

Jacqui also talked about herbal treatment which sometimes includes suggestions to patients to take up yoga and to practice mindfulness.

It’s for a free course in MINDFULLNESS follow this link

Gill Whittaker

Latest Herb Group Meeting

On Tuesday we held the second meeting of the Herb group at one of the members homes. Following an interesting walk around the garden looking at a variety of culinary herbs we adjourned to the dining room and discussed the featured herb for this month BASIL.

 The members had  agreed to do undertake research into Basil plant, looking at the following topics :

  • Propagation
  • Growing
  • Folklore
  • Historical and/or medicinal information
  • Preserving
  • Culinary uses / recipes
  • Other uses

and this provided the background for a very interesting discussion.

We were also treated to a collection of delicious examples on how Basil can be used.

Firstly, a Capri salad stick comprising of Mozzarella cheese ball, basil, tomato half and a drizzle of Balsamic vinegar.


One of the group also made a Basil Pesto, which went well with slices of Sour dough bread.


and finally, we all had slices of Lemon and Basil cake with a lemon drizzle.


Next months Herb will be Thyme. Lets see what culinary  delights we can come up with.

Ian Barrow