Theatre Review – Monica Lea

Canary Girls – Leyland Civic Centre

Monday 3 October 2016


The theatre group did not travel far for their October visit. We visited Leyland Civic Centre to see a play called The Canary Girls, organised by Leyland Historical Society and performed by the Mikron Theatre Company.

The story is about two sisters and the year is 1914. The young sisters work as maids for a domineering lady as there is not much work available for girls in 1914. They hear about jobs at the munition factory filling shells. This work makes their skins turn a yellow shade which is why they are known as “canary girls”,  but the money is good and it gives them independence.

They have many adventures involving a cost-cutting factory owner, bad working conditions and a fire that could have caused an explosion. The girls develop differently, one finding romance,the other becoming an organiser fighting for better conditions for the workers.

Some of us did not greatly enjoy this performance but the majority did. There were four actors – two women and two men – on the stage all the time. They all played many different characters, sang and played many musical instruments. It’s is not a glamorous job working for the Mikron Theatre Company – at the end of the show they packed their props into the van and drove away do it all again in another town next night.

In my own opinion not the best one of theirs I have seen, but still a very good and enjoyable performance.

Monica Lea


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