Choc Amor Mawdesley – Visits Group Inaugural First Trip

Nine of us visited Choc Amor at Cedar Farm Galleries Mawdesley yesterday.

After a look around the other shops at Cedar Farm, we were ushered into the workshop of award winning chocolatier Paul Williams, with its enormous marble table, chocolate tempering machines and temperature controlled fridge. This is a working kitchen, but being older creatures, most of us settled on available chairs or stairs

We were shown a huge  cocoa pod and the 4 basic  ingredients of chocolate ( cocoa solids, cocoa butter ,sugar & lecithin). We  swiftly moved on to the tasting. The most fascinating part was how a chocolate could change taste in your mouth e.g. Licorice & Peppermint suck  to taste liquorice, chew it to taste peppermint. As well as milk, dark and white chocolate and normal flavours such as lemon meringue, Paul has developed much more unusual flavours – such as the love it or hate it curry flavour. He could give a second by second  commentary  of the tastes you would experience – “First you will taste orange, now cardamom etc” .He also gave demonstrations of tempering , creating curls and moulding .

An enjoyable afternoon out. I personally would have loved to try even more types of chocolate.



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