A tramp up the hill to Darwen Tower

This month’s “SCRAMBLERS” walk took  the group on a 7 mile  walk to Darwen Tower and Roddlesworth woods.


Seven members of the Scramblers (two new ones) set out on a fine but cool dry day from the Car Park on Crookfield Road following the footpath towards the ruins and well House of Hollinshead Hall  

The path then led through Slipper Lowe Wood, over the road then onto the moorland adjacent to Cartridge Hill.  Following a short climb, the path levelled out at led to the rear side of Darwen Moor.


Heading for the Tower

The Tower loomed large in the distance, but another 15 minutes walk found us at the summit of Darwen Hill and the base of Darwen’s Jubilee Tower.

After a run up the spiral internal staircase to the top of the Tower for a quick photograph (to prove we had been there ! ) we descended the Darwen Hill,  and headed to the village of Tockholes for a well earned lunch at Vaughns Country Cafe 


Top of a breezy Jubilee Tower

After lunch, we headed for Roddlesworth Wood. Following a footpath downhill we finally arrived on the shore of Roddlesworth reservoir. The path now wound it’s way through the autumnal coloured woods, slowly rising until we reached the top of Slipper Lowe Hill. Here, it dropped again into the ruins of Hollinshead Hall  and back to the car park.

As on the last walk, conversation turned to place names and their meanings. The first one was HOLLINS. This is a quite a common root word found in Lancashire, mainly found in the form of Hollins Lane etc. It comes from an Old English word HOLEGN for HOLLY. Must admit, we did pass many Holly trees in the woodland.

The second word was LOWE. Again, another common word found in the landscape. This can be traced back to the pre 7th century word ‘hlaw, meaning a prominent small hill, a barrow or burial mound.


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