Theatre Review – Veronica Lawton

Lotty’s War at Blackpool Grand Theatre

Wednesday 15 June 2016


The story of Lotty’s War is based on what happened during the invasion of the Channel Islands by the German army, during World War II. Lotty (Victoria Emslie) lives with her father on the island of Guernsey, and just before the invasion, Lotty’s father dies suddenly, leaving Lotty living alone in their cottage. She has a regular boyfriend, Ben (Mat Ruttle) who visits each week.

When the German army invaded Guernsey, they were allowed to confiscate property and one such property was Lotty’s cottage. The play follows the story of Lotty’s relationship with the German officer, General Rolf Bernberg (Ian Reddington) who moves into her cottage. As the story progresses their relationship, which was initially hostile, becomes more friendly, and they eventually fall in love.

The play depicts the relationship between the islanders and their occupiers, and the brutality with which the islanders are treated.

Towards the end of the story, the German officer gets news that the British army are about to bomb the German city of Dresden, and he is finally forced to admit that he has a wife and child back in Germany, and can no longer continue his relationship with Lotty.

The play ends with a scuffle between Lotty’s boyfriend and the German officer, which ends with Lotty shooting the officer.

Overall, the play was excellent, with poignant acting depicting the events from this time in history.

A thoroughly enjoyable trip.

Thanks to Veronica Lawton for this report.


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