Gardening Group

Sorry to say that this group is now without a co-ordinator. June and Graeme Butler will sadly no longer be leading due to other commitments.

Anyone who signed up to join can take on the role.

Now the Spring is here at last there are NGS gardens open for charity every weekend or indeed other larger gardens to visit. If you are willing to co-ordinate the gardening by getting the group together and working out what and when is required, could you please sit at the  gardening table at the next meeting at Fox Lane on May 11th. Alternatively, if unable to attend would you please telephone Carol Wilson on 01772 641944 to make  alternative arrangements for your first meeting.

As you will be aware, our last meeting was at Stonehouse School where we met the delightful children, chatted with them regarding flowers and veg they wanted to see growing and potted and planted some seeds. The School has now been furnished with the list which they will purchase and plant up with the now very knowledgeable children’s assistance. Many thanks to all friends  who gave their time on the two visits, the project is now closed.

Carol Wilson
Acting Gardening Co-Ordinator


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