This Months Message from Carol Wilson the Group Co-Ordinator

A reminder that all co-ordinators have the opportunity to arrive at Fox Lane around 10.00AM so we can have an update on how groups are doing and/or general chat to overcome any problems which may have arisen.   Our U3A  meeting this month has been extended until 1.00PM to enable members extra time to sign up for more group activities.  We hopefully will also be starting up new ones; Crafts for all – both men and ladies to partake it different manner of crafts/hobbies, sharing skills ALSO Visits -where and when do members who signed up for this initially want to go?

Our great Leyland U3A is the best opportunity to try something totally alien and learn new things. If it doesn’t suit you at least you have had a go. You will make new friends and may enjoy something you may never have dream’t you would like. Age is no barrier to achievement. A shortage of volunteers is a problem regarding the beginning of groups.   As I have continued to remind all members, a group co-ordinator is not a teacher but someone who steers the ship and is in charge of collecting the meeting fee. Joint decisions are made to the mutual agreement of everyone in each group as to what happens.  Maybe you and a friend could take on the challenge. Ideally each group has a second in command in times of holidays and illness to enable it to tick over, so every co-ordinator has another group member to back them up.

May I take this opportunity to say that now we have the U3A running smoothly, I will not be putting my name forward as a Committee Member.  If being the Groups’ Co-ordinator is something you might like to do, please come and have a word at the meeting. I am always available on the phone also for any queries you may have regarding this.  It is a very straight forward task and not at all difficult because the individual group co-ordinators are great at doing their jobs brilliantly without needing any help from me.  I can safely say that it has been a joy to get to know so many lovely people and it has not been at all stressful. As a member I will now look forward to joining in with other groups  myself in the next few months to stretch my brain!

Carol Wilson
Groups’ Co-ordinator


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