Theatre Group Visit to Bolton Octagon

Two 2 – Bolton Octagon, Saturday 19 February 2016

The theatre group followed its inaugural trip to Two in January 2016 with a visit to the world première of Two 2 at Bolton Octagon.

Once again, Colin Connor and Katy Cavanagh brilliantly embodied the pub landlord and landlady as well as all the other characters, expertly conveying all their humour, dreams and secret heartaches.

Amongst other things, the first play showed us a marriage on the rocks, but this time, it’s the pub that is on the skids. Desperate to attract customers and to stay in business, the landlord has organised a gala night complete with pub grub, a quiz, karaoke and speed dating. This was the cue for much audience interaction, handled with aplomb by both actors. The audience star was Leyland member Evelyn Berry, who entered into the spirit of the occasion in her exchanges with Colin Connor in his various roles as the ex-navy chef, the diffident speed-dater and the quiz-master.

After the question and answer session at the end of the performance, director David Thacker made sure that Evelyn had the chance to meet both Colin and Katy.

Here’s what Evelyn had to say:
“I really enjoyed myself. I felt the years drop away from me when I was having fun with the exchanges with Colin in his various characters. He seemed to enjoy the fun but I felt a bit guilty when he dried up with laughter during the  quiz! It was lovely talking to Julie. She is a very gifted actress. I’m particularly pleased with my personal autograph from Colin. What a gentleman!”

A hugely entertaining day and we’re already looking forward to our next trip on 19 March to see Martha, Josie and the Chinese Elvis.

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