Match Monthly Meeting

History Of  R.O.F. Chorley by Lindsey Barrow

Following a detailed description on the outside of the site if you walked along Dawson Lane, Wigan Lane Euxton Lane and the A6 by our chairman Edward Almond, we were allowed to enter the “secret” site. Lindsey Barrow give us an illustrated fact filled talk of a site that everyone knew about but few people had actually seen.

The journey started in 1936 when a 875 acre green field site was was transformed into the worlds largest civil engineering construction site. In a period of 3 years 1600 building had been constructed, some of the statistics are amazing

  • 13 miles of railways
  • 80 miles of drains
  • 30,000,000 bricks laid
  • 1,000 000 cubic yards of concrete used. Mixed in the worlds largest cement mixer it the time.

We were given a brief description of two listed building Buckshaw Hall and Worden Old Hall that were lost to the outside world for over 70 years. These could be a good topic for a future talk ?

As the site was part of the M.O.D. and therefore part of the civil service you can expect that it would have bureaucratic site, and this was the case. Streets ran North to South and had a unique number. Avenues ran East to West and had a unique Letter. The site was split into groups each group split into lines, each line containing a number of buildings.

We were treated to numerous photographs showing different types of building filling process and the employees at work and  play through the 7 decades the site was open.

The talk was engaging with the audience who asked numerous questions at the end.

Ian Barrow



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