Interest Groups

Hello everyone,

Sorry I an unable to attend today but I would like to thank those of you who have been turning up at your group meeting despite the wintry weather.

Our co-ordinators are doing a great job so please continue to support them.   Could I urge you to look at the group tables and perhaps push yourself to sign up and give a new venture a try.   Remember, your first visit to a new group is free, so try a taster session as I am sure you will enjoy the hour or two meeting new friends.

If you find the subject is not for you, however, we have such a variety I bet you will surprise yourself and find a new hobby.   Our U3A subscriptions cover the room costs so it would be good to have a higher attendance.   One table today shows groups just waiting for a co-ordinator.  Could you and a friend kick one off?

Please remember a co-ordinator is not a teacher.   The role is simply to bring a group together and between you all to decide how to go forward.   The whole point is to share knowledge and enjoy your groups activities.   As a great, friendly, new U3A, the committee is working very hard to make it a success and are always willing to help whenever we can.   I am more than happy to iron out any fears you may have on attending or setting up a group.

It was great at the  last months meeting, two co-ordinators for knitting and electronic keyboard came forward to start up the new groups.  Many thanks to Fiona and Sid.   Two groups are now oversubscribed, Ukelele and Patchwork Quilting.  Are there any volunteers to be co-ordinators to form second groups? A general craft group could be started whereby various skills are brought together like a craft and natter group I attend which is organised by a number of members.   LAST but not least, ask yourself – are the best years behind me?   Answer is no because Leyland U3A is your new stage of opportunity to learn, be happy and have some fun.   Remember the motto – its never too late.




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