Gardening Group

Gardening Group Visit to Dunsar Garden Centre

As the current co-ordinators, June and Graeme Butler are unable to make the meetings at present, Carol and Patrick Wilson are the contacts for information regarding this group.

As gardens are resting just now and the weather unpredictable, a group decision was made to meet at Dunscar Garden Centre to look around and talk about the shrubs, bulbs etc, and best positions for planting.  We then exchanged other ideas over coffee and cake in their cafe. The chat was great and two hours sped by.

It was agreed we would hold our next meeting at the Wyvale Garden Centre, Southport Road, Leyland at 2.00p.m. in their car park, to check out what different plants are available there. This venue also has a good coffee shop and Carol has negotiated with the small clothing shop that if any of the group wish to buy anything she could give us a 10% discount.   We hope to have time over coffee for a very funny ten minute quiz! Dunscar was time well spent with very enjoyable company.

When the weather does improve in March we can, of course, continue with outside visits.   Hopefully numbers will increase to share more ideas and laughter. None of us are experts but by skill sharing we can all make improvements to our gardens. Remember, lifts to all venues can be arranged, please phone the co-ordinator.


Patrick and Carol Wilson


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