Mr. Ken Dagger on the subject of “My Entertaining Life : Gilbert & Sullivan”

At the monthly meeting Mr Ken Dagger gave a talk on the works of Gilbert and Sullivan

I’m not a great Gilbert & Sullivan fan and I was sure I’d hate the talk, because what little I’ve heard of their music seems to me to be “same-ish” and predictable.
On that basis I was certain that I would not enjoy the experience.

However, Mr Dagger’s extensive knowledge of his subject allied to his presentation style, enthusiasm and personality, carried it off for me and I really enjoyed it.

We were treated not only to some fascinating biographical facts surrounding the two but Mr. Dagger also outlined all of their complete repertoire of productions accompanied by several excerpts from their various works, sung by himself to recorded music.

Each sample was accompanied by various gestures, poses and movements, as they would have been during a full performance. All that was missing was the scenery and props. His obvious enthusiasm for the task shone through and made for a very pleasant talk.



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