Notes from the group launch meeting held at 1 Willow Way New Longton. Many thanks to the 8 members who attended.

Each member was given the opportunity to express their interest and gardening knowledge, and what expectations they wished to obtain. Below is a summary of the points made.

There was a strong interest in visiting other gardens. The NGS open garden scheme is available to the general public on certain weekends. There was a preference for private visits to be arranged on week days. We would try to arrange a guided tour to provide ideas and inspiration.

Talks by “experts” – Monica Lea suggested a visit to Worden Park to look at the work done there by the Brothers of Charity. She agreed to try to find a contact.

Sharing knowledge within the group. There was interest in flowers and plants, vegetables, hanging baskets, cuttings and propagation, garden design and problem gardens.

Visiting each others’ gardens and offering help and advice. Doing projects for each other.
Suggestions were made for the first garden visit in July, but unfortunately this is a holiday period for some members, and a decision could not be made.

It was agreed that we have our first visit to Gresgarth Hall Open day at Caton Lancaster on Sunday 9th August.

Details will be obtained and circulated to the group.

Spouses and other members are welcome to join us.

Graham & June Butler.


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